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For over twenty years Smartscreen products including the original Smartscreen intermittent windscreen wiper controllers have been adding modern features to classic vehicles.

Smartscreen is a variable intermittent windscreen wiper controller that can set a variable wipe delay of between three and thirty seconds; without the need for additional switches or knobs. By using the vehicle's existing wiper control switch or stalk the unit may be programmed with the desired delay, the normal speed and second speed wiper functions are not affected.

Smartscreen c/w Wipe on Wash is also available with wash/wipe control in addition to the variable intermittent function; for vehicles with existing electric washer. This provides automatic wiping on using the screen washer.

Smartscreen fits all vehicles with self-parking wipers, positive or negative earth

Smartlight is a courtesy light extender allowing a slow fade to off of the interior light.  The light remains lit once the doors are closed for approximately 20 seconds and then fades to off.  If the ignition is turned on during the delay period then the lights will fade immediately.


Smartdrive is an overdrive controller that ensures overdrive isn't inadvertantly engaged after moving down the gearbox and then up again into an overdrive gear.  It can also be used in conjunction with a pushbutton overdrive switch rather than a toggle or slide switch if required.  An overdrive engaged LED is included.

The Smartscreen family of products are simple to fit and come with step by step instructions. Normally DIY fitting takes half an hour.

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