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Q  Will it fit my vehicle?

A  Provided your vehicle is 12v and has self parking wipers there should be a version to fit,    Please contact us if you are unsure if your vehicle is suitable..

Q  Are there any additional switches or knobs?

A  No, the Smartscreen uses the vehicle's existing wiper switch so the dash area remains original.

Q  How easy is it to fit?

A  Fitting is straightfoward requiring simple tools.  There is some wiring to be done and full instructions are supplied.  It should take approx 40 mins.

Q  Do I have to do anything special to my wipers?

A  No just ensure the wiper motor is in good condition and that the wheelboxes and rack are well lubricated.

Q  Why are there so many different versions?

A  Over the years there have been many variations of wiper motor and vehicle wiring.  In order to cater for this there are specific versions of the Smartscreen for each application.

Q How can I get wash/wipe function?

A  If your vehicle already has or you are planning to fit  electric screen wash then Smartscreen Wash/Wipe will give you wash/wipe control as well as variable intermittent


Q  How do I set the delay?

A  With the ignition on, switch the wipers on then off - they will wipe once, wait between 3 and 30 seconds, switch the wipers on then off - they will wipe once.  They will now continue to wipe at this set delay, even though the wiper switch is in the off position, until you set a new delay or cancel the delay. 


Q  What is the purpose of the LED?

A  The LED is there to help you learn how the Smartscreen works, once you have got the hang of it you do not need to be able to see the LED



Q  The wipers stop after three sweeps.

A  The connection to the Pk terminal is not correctly made, check the blue Scotchloc is firmly fitted.


Q  I cannot get the unit to accept a new wipe interval.

A  The unit will only accept a new input when the wipers are not moving
ie not mid sweep

How Do I Place An Order?

To place an order please select the product you would like to purchase and add it to the basket and then proceed to the checkout where you will be asked some questions about your vehicle so that we can send you the correct unit.


Secure Ordering & Payment and Shipping

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Returns & Refunds

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You will be refunded the cost of all items on the order except postage
Any money owed will be refunded within 30 days of returns arriving
Items that are damaged will not be refunded


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