About Smartscreen

Smartscreen was designed and is manufactured in the UK, it was designed to get around the annoyance of the “scrape, scrape, scrape” of traditional classic car wipers during the drizzle that is so often a part of the British Summer.

There are a number of versions available depending on your vehicle type and whether you want intermittent or intermittent and wipe on wash.  Use either choose by marque or choose by flowchart tabs to select an appropriate model.




We have been designing and manufacturing automotive electronics for over twenty years and have been shipping the Smartscreen range of intermittent wiper controllers for over ten years.  Our products include: intermittent wiper controllers, wash wipe controllers, washer conversions, hazard warning kits, brake/clutch fluid monitors, coolant level monitors, lights on alarms, lights on delay and frost sensors.


We are always keen to hear your comments on existing products or your suggestions for new ones.  Please feel free to contact us.


Using this site

This site allows you to select the correct version of Smartscreen to fit your car.  This can be done by selecting the manufacturer from the list on the left and then selecting your model and year from the options.  It is important to correctly select the model and year in order that we supply the right Smartscreen.


Click on the appropriate Smartscreen and you will be given price details and can then place an order via our secure server.


Practical Classics


"Intermittent action of windscreen wipers is not standard on many classics, but it can be provided by fitting a neat little device called Smartscreen. By using the vehicle's existing wiper control switch, it can be programmed for wipe delay of three to 30 seconds without affecting the normal wiper functions.
Smartscreen uses microprocessor technology to control the operation of the wiper and due to its small size can be fitted unobtrusively behind the dashboard or in the engine bay."

Mini Magazine


"Smartscreen is a simple yet brilliant device which gets around the problem with the minimum of tinkering and in some ways , is better than the modern Mini switchgear in that you can choose the intermittent speed you want to suit the conditions.

Verdict: Brilliantly simple."

Classic & Sports Car


"The Smartscreen is an easy-to-fit gismo which converts classics to intermittent windscreen wiping. By using the wiper control switch or stalk, the unit can be programmed with the desired gap between wipes - between three and 30 seconds - without affecting other wiper functions or speeds."